The workshop will combine presentations from researchers and an interactive session that will engage the audience. The researchers will be invited to introduce different perspectives such as multisensory interactions, predictive relations, ecological and legal implications.

The interactive session will focus on playing out the interplay between human and artificial non-human citizens in a city scenario. We choose methods from service design and digital design to describe behaviors of the interactants in this interplay. The session will run using methods from Thing Centered Design [6] to make intangible interactions tangible. After the researchers’ introductive talks, each participant will receive a role to play in the interactive session. The roles include artificial non-humans and human citizens. The participants will be asked to reflect and write statements about the concepts discussed in the presentations from the perspective of their role. 

Duos of “human and non-human” participants will then be invited to conduct a Thing Interview (the artificial non-human) to understand how humans and artificial entities reason about each other. Based on this understanding, the workshop’s final part will focus on co-creation: participants, researchers, and intelligent things will collaborate to ideate subversive strategies for letting human citizens engage or disengage in interactions with artificial non-humans. The strategies will be collected in the form of a manual.

The workshop will conclude with a discussion of the activities and the manual.

Workshop schedule

Full-day online workshop, indicative times (all CET):

09:30    Introduction workshop and participants
10:00    Participants and organisers introduce topics
10:35    Break
11:15    Continue topics introductions
11:25  Break
11:40    Changing Perspective Activity (Thing Ethnography) 
12:30    Lunch break
13:00    Building strategies
13:45    Share in plenum
14:15    Discuss 
15:00    Wrapping up

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