We are happy to welcome these nine participants to the workshop.

Alfrink, Kars; Contestable City Algorithms (PDF)

Chataigner, Marc; Proliferating micro-entrepreneuring technologies; Overflowing the governance of urban (re)production with the proliferation of socio-economic dissidences (PDF)

De Roeck, Dries; Dieltjes, Sofie; Biedermann, Paul; Vande Moere, Andrew; De Paep, Michiel; Hybrid urban HCI interventions: towards story-driven citizen engagement (PDF)

Fleetwood, Alex; submission (PDF)

Lui, Yuxi; submission (PDF)

Schmidt Fonseca, Felipe;, Waste prevention in smart cities (PDF)

Next to them we have of course our organisers participating (and presenting):

Bedö, Viktor (personal page)
Fosch Villaronga, Eduard (personal page)
Huisman, Gijs (personal page)
Jongeling, Mick (personal page)
Lupetti, Maria Luce (personal page)
Nicenboim, Iohanna (personal page)
Smit, Iskander (personal page)

Participating but not presenting: Thijs Turel (AMS Institute), Mohamed Fayed (TU Delft).