Subversive Citizen Manual for the More-Than-Human City

Join us for the online workshop at MAB20, 29 June 2021


As the city is becoming an ever more complex assemblage of human and artificial non-human entities, questions of relationships, rights, and democratic values are becoming prominent. In particular, with the growing presence of artificial entities, we share our cities with and the less acknowledged presence of digital representation of ourselves (digital twins) we delegate part of our existence to, asks for addressing the controversial consequences of such urban innovation based on technological determinism.

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In this workshop, part of Media Architecture Biennale conference, we will explore the design space of contestation within the more-than-human city, employing thing-centered-design techniques, as Interviews with Things and role-playing, to envision a set of subversive strategies creating a manual of subversive strategies to disengage or mingle with artificial agents in the smart city. These strategies will be collected in a provocative document: The Subversive Citizen Manual for the More-Than-Human City.

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Important dates

Extended deadline!

01/03/2021 – Submission opens
30/05/2021 – Submission deadline
07/06/2021 – Notification of acceptance
29/06/2021 – Workshop

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Photo source: wikicommons, provo demonstration in Amsterdam with empty banners to provoke , 1966